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A warm welcome to you, you are a step closer to creating the reality that you desire.

My name is Sabrina Hall, a Female Empowerment Coach and you are an unstoppable limitless woman, thirsty to elevate your life massively.

I help women just like you to reconnect with their true self, uplevel their game, be excited by life, feel joyful and totally limitless.


"I can't believe how positive I am feeling, it's having a profound effect on all aspects of my life. Thank you so much for enabling this revelation."      

Hi, MY NAME IS SABRINA and I am a Female Empowerment Coach.

Welcome to my site. I have created a short video so you can have a feel for what I do, who I am and, how I can support you. 

"My business has gone from strength to strength and I've had my best month ever this last one!! I can't believe it! I am well on my way to my target and feeling so great and full of positivity, ambition and motivation!"       

My clients reconnect with themselves in ways they've never imagined

 They transform at a cellular level and are able to create what they want

  Their life goes from "good" to freaking exciting, magical and amazing 

  They feel bold, unstoppable, free and, limitless

  They shine way brighter, sharing their message with the world

  They have the success, abundance, and positive mindset they dreamt of

✓  They have the personal and professional true fulfilment they wanted


Which one are you going to pick?

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I know that...

you are limitless

This meditation will make you

BEWARE Listening to this meditation could also make you feel like:

  • You want to shake things up in your life

  • You want to take on the whole world

  • You can take massive bold actions

"Dear Sabrina,

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meditation gift you created.

It is so powerful. I listen to it after my daily yoga every day. I either open the window or go outside to listen to it so I really feel the wind caressing my face

I wanted to share with you that I`m just editing the photos of my photoshoot from Monday and burst into tears as I really feel limitless. I really feel that finally, I have found THE profession, and I will be really successful in it.

For so long I felt that I have so much more inside me but I strongly believe that now finally I am on the right path."

                                   - Vanda Szabo, Personal Branding Photographer

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Truly Alive


"This has by far been the best investment in myself that I've ever made. So glad I am here and taking part in this transformational process into becoming a limitless woman" 

- Katie Peake, Student