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- The Ultimate Transformation

A very unique and potent 6-month 1:1 immersion

The ACTUAL MAGIC PILL you need to shift from “just a mom” to a woman living in her joy and truth who effortlessly balances her boundaries, goals and family flow.

Warning: This program is not for you if you…

  • Are waiting to have the time....To learn how to create time (part of this programme)


  • Ae easily triggered and don’t want to see this as an opportunity to look within


  • Just want to keep on trying more courses, more apps, more podcasts and more books


  • Are not ready to do the “real work” aka the actual magic pill


  • Are not ready to fully commit to creating a huge transformation

But you’re in the right place if you...

  • Want to reconnect with the woman you are within, your dreams, desires, needs, values, the impact YOU want to create and the people who matter the most to you

  • Want to feel calmer, more at peace, have more energy and present

  • Are all in to change your situation and are excited about doing the inner work

  • Are committed to creating the balance you are craving

  • Are done wasting your time on quick fix or courses that don’t work, you need the real stuff and no cookie cutter sh*t

  • Want to be fully supported and have someone who can show you your blind spots

  • Want to have consistent results with creating more time and having a f*ck ton of joy

This is what is waiting for you...

  • Remove the guilt from wanting time for yourself, and shift into a confident mama who claims her right for time to do the things that light up your mind, body, and spirit with a f*ck ton of joy

  • Shift from feeling frazzled and frustrated with your children and into an inner space of deep joy, peace and happiness (the magic of self-fulfilment)

  • Find fun and joy in your daily family life as you drop the stress and overwhelm from your schedule

  • Ditch the guilt, shame, burn out, and people pleasing mama role, and shift into being a Queen mama who sets boundaries, loves, values, nurtures, and respects herself, and isn’t afraid to say NO!

  • Stop feeling like your life is exhausting because of other people’s demands, schedules, and time frames, and create clear boundaries as well as play and pleasure time for yourself — guilt and shame free

  • Awaken your long buried creative gifts to return yourself to the light and bring yourself the deep joy and pleasures of living fully for yourself

  • Break free of feeling trapped in the mama madhouse of “I must do everything and be everything to everyone all the time”, and shift into a woman who feels safe to say NO and do what feels right and good for you

I know what you're thinking...

​"I feel so f*cking overwhelmed by all the things I have to do and the kids,  how can I find the time and energy to focus on me? I don't even have the space to just think, let alone figure out what I want to do. I feel stuck in a never-ending cycle."

It's NOT your fault if your attempts to prioritise your needs and desires didn't quite work out beforehand...

I know you probably have been navigating a sh*t ton of responsibilities and demands, and felt like you had to put your own needs and desires on the back burner.


I bet that in all of that chaos, finding the time and energy to prioritise yourself  seemed like a huge mountain to climb on your own! 

And Society often tells mums they should always be putting their families first. This could have made it tough for you to  focus on yourself without feeling guilty or like you're not doing enough.

I really get you. I really really do.

In the business of being a mum, I felt like I was losing sight of who I really was. My head often felt stuffed with things I had to do and I didn't feel like I even had time to breathe.


"Where was Sabrina? Is that how it's meant to be like, now?"


I was seeing so many mothers around me being so fulfilled by their new role and wondered WTF was wrong with me. Why wasn't I feeling ALIVE and excited by my life? I felt so guilty for wanting more and felt alone.


With so many tasks and responsibilities, I couldn't help but feel disconnected from the woman I used to be—the one with her own dreams and passions.

So, I decided to go on a journey to rediscover myself amidst the chaos of my life.

I tried a ton of things: self-help books, podcasts, binged on many videos and all of that worked a little. 


Things really began to shift when I started working with a therapist and doing the inner work on myself...


I realised that the problem wasn't that I didn't have the time or the energy (because I had that for everyone and everything else, but me!), the problem was that I refused to ask for help and say that I needed time for myself to my husband (and to myself).


I didn't want to be seen as weak. I wanted to be seen as a "strong mother" that can do it all on her own. I also realised more than before, that I was an over-pleaser, meaning that I just wanted to make sure that others were ok before me which in a odd way, allowed me to not have to think about me and reconnect with myself (it seemed like a too huge mountain to climb).

But the pain to stay where I was was too unbearable. My rebellious side went:


"F*ck it! Let's break the rules and the stigma society is imposing on mothers! I want to be a mum AND I want to fulfil my needs and desires, as a woman. I want to create an impact and leave a powerful legacy for my son and the next generations. I want to break free from all that guilt and shame. I want to be free and feel excited by this life" 


So I gathered all the bravery I had in myself and took the plunge. I decided to be a great mum AND also have a great life beyond motherhood.


That decision and the support I received helped me create a HUGE transformation in my life:


My husband and I moved to gorgeous Devon and purchased our first home.


We created a schedule for us where we'd divide our time with Oliver, date time and our solo time.


I learned how to reach out each time I wanted more time off or time to rest without feeling guilty.


I included social time, hobbies, gym, walks, baths, spas, coffees in town, lunch out and other cool stuff like that. Bought things for me: clothes, good quality make-up and hair products, shoes, plants and other stuff that elevated my energy and sending the message to my brain that I was worth it.


I took 2 courses and opened my 2nd business and now 4 years in, and I am helping mothers who ready to go BEYOND MOTHERHOOD, guilt free.

As time passed, I started to feel like myself again, knowing that I was taking control of my own journey again.

Sabrina Hall Coach

Katie Peake, mum of 2

"Through working with Sabrina I realised I needed to feel more fulfilled with my life and career. I had an “aha” moment where the lightbulb turned on and realised I wanted to go to university to study in something I am truly passionate about and I strongly feel if it weren’t for Sabrina and her course that I wouldn’t have made that decision. Over the past 8 months my mental health and beliefs have changed so much that other people notice it and it’s all thanks to Sabrina and the wonderful work she does. I would highly recommend Sabrina to any woman looking to up level in life - mindset blocks, self love, creating time and space, she covers it all!"

"Sabrina is a fantastic life coach who is full of positivity and offers insightful and practical advice, really tailoring the experience specifically to you. She is extremely professional, but during the coaching it also felt like I was chatting to a close friend. I could be entirely honest and open knowing that everything I was saying was in confidence.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sabrina without a doubt. Since our sessions, I have seen a massive improvement in both my homelife and my business. I am much more positive and proactive about things and take one step at a time, not getting totally overwhelmed by everything, in the knowledge that there is a way through. Sabrina has allowed me to move forward and embrace new changes and challenges and I am already reaping the benefits." - Chloe, mum of 1

Caroline, mum of 1

"Just WOW Sabrina Hall!! I don't know where to begin with how transformative the last 3 months of coaching with you have been. You have held space for us in such a powerful way...Cutting through the crap and showing us that we can dig deep, peel off the layers of limiting beliefs and old patterns to find what lies beneath. I've stripped away the layers and found my true authentic self and I am shining bright. As a group of wonderful women #togetherwerise. Thank you."

Beyond Motherhood
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