Female Empowerment Coach

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of YOUR DREAMS"



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As a professional coach, my mission is to empower women to accomplish absolutely ANYTHING they desire with clarity, calm, balance, and love so they can experience this life on a whole other level. 

I help the incredible women I work with open up emotionally, spiritually and, creatively so they can free themselves from their limiting beliefs, make brave moves, go for their buried dreams and live lives they once only imagined.

I truly believe that every single one of us already has all the tools within ourselves to achieve incredible and magical things.

My determination and unshakable dedication help women to embody the person they most want to be. 

I am an insured coach and I achieved my coaching qualification with the renowned coaching school of Tony Robbins. I am currently studying Ho'oponopono to bring more powerful tools to the amazing women I co-create with.


My name is Sabrina and I was born in 1979 in Paris. I lived in the suburb area of Paris until I was 19 with my constantly arguing parents and my 2 siblings. Some lovely memories but times were difficult. We never really had any money, my parents didn't seem to love each other and my relationship with my mother was not the best, to say the least. I became a very insecure child. felt worthless, unloveable and ashamed about who I was.

The accumulations of these emotions and losing my grandma felt too much for me so, at 18 years old, I tried to take my own life as a means to end the pain I was feeling. Deep down, however, I still had faith that my life could get better, so I decided to pack my things and left home.  

I moved from France to London in 2000 with a friend and rebuilt my life from scratch: learning a new language while working in various low-paid jobs. I was tested big time, diving deep into my insecurities, feeling vulnerable and exposed. A LOT of precious teachings were gifted to me during these unsettling times. I learned how to trust a little more and started to witness glimpses of what it could be like to believe in myself.

Amongst all of those exciting but tough challenges, something tragic happened in 2012. My dad disappeared from our family home. As soon as I hung up the phone, I travelled back to France to search for him. And I did find him. Literally. But he was lifeless. My sweet dad took his own life.  

This was a tragic moment in my life, however, this also marked the moment I embarked on my self-discovery & healing journey to become the woman I am today. A painful, but beautiful journey. 

"The best time for new beginnings is NOW"



I worked for 8 years in the recruitment industry, climbed the corporate ladder, got promoted etc...and by the end of my corporate journey I was a senior manager and, was managing multiple credit control teams internationally. Between those 8 years, I left everything that was making me feel secure and traveled the world for a year.

After my travels, I spent the next 4 years of my life in the corporate industry, working endless hours, feeling miserable, tired, and depressed. Surely there must be more to life? 

This was the moment when I realised I wanted to work and make a difference in people's life.

So I took the scary (but exciting) decision to leave my very well paid, but soul-sucking job to look after my newborn child and become a massage therapist. 

Within a year, my husband, child and I, left London to move to Devon and started everything from scratch.

I built a reputable massage business from the bottom up and it became one of the  most recommended  "go-to" massage therapist.  During that time, my husband and I purchased a house and had the crazy, but exciting idea to renovate it from top to bottom. 

My growth didn't stop there... I wanted to take my gifts further and my passion for helping and guiding people propelled me into the incredible and powerful world of coaching. 


And so began another chapter.  I was scared but excited to start from scratch again.

I wanted to study at the best coaching school. The Tony Robbins's coaching school to be precise. It didn't come cheap but I knew that this investment would come back to me a thousand times more.

I had to find a way to pay for my course. So I removed any sense of guilt and shame in creating a crowdfunding account. The response I had was incredible. So many friends, previous colleagues, managers, massage clients contributed. I was overwhelmed. I was sent beautiful words of encouragement and generous amounts of money.  I felt so blessed.

This journey leads me to where I am now: The owner of a successful coaching business. And one of the best things about my work is, that I get to help my clients worldwide


My studies and my personal journey gifted me with incredible and invaluable tools that lay at the core of my coaching work. 


I aim to constantly challenge myself by making sure to push my boundaries... I also love gorging on self-development books, articles, videos and receiving the teachings from each individual I crossed path with.

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I use humour in my work and say things as they are. I also love sharing my own stories and challenges openly.

I don’t buy into my clients’ limiting beliefs and I often see their potential and envision their successes before they do.


My job is to help them see this vision too and support them in taking action to live a life of purpose and make their dreams come true."

"I commit to my clients 100%"

Thank you for taking the time to read my story
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