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Sabrina Hall Life Coaching

My purpose in life is to live to my fullest potential and help other women to do the same.


I don’t settle for average and always thrive to go beyond my boundaries.


I am an expert at seeing what my clients don’t and bringing the very best out of themselves personally and professionally.


I grew up with no money and in a dysfunctional family. When I was 20 I left my home in France with barely any cash and came to London. I didn’t go to uni, had very basic English and spent the first 2 years cleaning hotel rooms, working in cafés and pubs.


In 2002, I discovered my dad lifeless after he took his own life which left me traumatised for years. 


I spent the 12 years following that, questioning myself, trying to find my purpose and making sense of who I was. 


During that time, I worked for a charity fundraising company, and spent 8 years in the corporate industry, feeling miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled.


I am grateful for how far I've come.


I am now the owner of 2 very successful businesses that are positively impacting people around the world. 


I have a gorgeous house in picturesque Devon. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I am married to an incredible man who is a music producer, and the mum to an adorable and very smart boy. 

I love cold river swimming, walking on the Moors, hanging out by the beach, eating good nutritious foods, drinking coffee, having afternoons baths, lifting weights, doing yoga, receiving regular massages, connecting with the people I love, giving to charities and taking plenty of breaks.


I lead my life with the unshakable belief that I can do and have anything I desire (within reason).


I also know that everyone else can have and do what they truly want and be who they want to be. 


I see limitless possibilities, an infinite amount of opportunities, and no boundaries but the ones we are choosing to adopt. 


This unshakable belief I have in what is truly possible and the fire I feel in me, are what fuel my coaching business and what makes it successful.

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