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Chloe's Story
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"I want to start this testimonial with a massive THANK YOU to Sabrina! She has been this huge ray of light for me on this incredible journey and has truly opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there just waiting for me to grab them with both hands.

I started this journey because basically I felt like I was a bit stuck. Having moved back to Devon after a wonderful 18 months of travelling the world, getting married, starting a business and having a baby, I felt completely overwhelmed by life. Becoming a mother is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and with my business just 18 months old it is even tougher. I felt a constant conflict in my head about trying to nurture my wonderful little being but also trying to nurture a fast-growing business, and not to mention trying to juggle all the other things life has to throw at us! I felt like I was never truly present with either, and this was causing a lot of stress and upset. I lost a lot of confidence in my own abilities both as a mum and as a business owner and couldn’t see a way through. 

I was extremely apprehensive about our first call, nervous as I’d not really done video meetings before but also because I had no idea what to expect. But, I was also extremely excited as I knew that the path I had chosen could only be beneficial both to me personally, but also for my business. I had a great feeling about Sabrina and her website and Facebook page made me really confident that I had made a great choice.

For starters, Sabrina is so incredibly full of positivity. She has a great way of instantly boosting you but in an honest and genuine way. You can tell that she truly wants to help people realise their hopes and dreams and really relishes playing a part in this.

After our first session, I must admit I felt unexpectedly on cloud nine, I felt like I’d be freed of the overwhelming burden I felt that was holding me back and completely open to so many possibilities. I felt like what she’d done was unlock something that was stopping me from seeing the bigger picture. She made me really think about what was holding me back and why and gave me useful tools to be able to turn a lot of negatives that I had been feeling into positive thoughts and actions.

Throughout the process we exchanged texts and I received encouragement and support from Sabrina which really helped to reinforce the messages we had discussed in our sessions – great boosters when any negativity starts to creep back in! She offers insightful and practical advice, really tailoring the experience specifically to you.  She was extremely professional, but it also felt like I was chatting to a close friend and could be entirely honest and open knowing that everything I was saying was in confidence.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sabrina without a doubt. Since our sessions, I have seen a massive improvement in both my home life and my business. I am much more positive and proactive about things and take one step at a time, not getting totally overwhelmed by everything, in the knowledge that there is a way through. Sabrina has allowed me to move forward and embrace new changes and challenges and I am already reaping the benefits.

I absolutely cannot thank Sabrina enough, and as I said to her in our first session, she has a gift. She is truly talented so if you’re thinking that life coaching might be for you then go for it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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