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THE MEDITATION you need if you want to feel fired up, confident AF and unapologetically YOU. 


BEWARE you will also feel like you want to:

  • Shake things up in your life

  • Take on the whole world

  • Take massive bold life changing actions


Get your daily dose of FREEDOM by entering your details below:


"Dear Sabrina

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meditation gift you created. 

It is so powerful. I listen to it after my daily yoga every day. I either open the window or go outside to listen to it so I really feel the wind caressing my face. I wanted to share with you that I`m just editing the photos of my photoshoot from Monday and burst into tears as I really feel limitless. I really feel that finally, I have found THE profession, and I will be really successful in it. For so long I felt that I have so much more inside me but I strongly believe that now finally I am on the right path." 

Vanda Szabo, Personal Branding Photographer

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