This for the badass woman who is ready to go ALL-IN and create CRAZY RESULTS in her business.

I was there too...


Wondering what was wrong with me, jumping from one podcast to another, reading all the books, worrying about how I would support my family, trying all the secret sauces and strategies out there and waiting for the Facebook likes...

I felt frustrated AF, desperate, stressed, starved for time, pissed off and quite frankly, like I wanted to give up and find a "normal" job.

Maybe I wasn't made for this entrepreneurial life after all?

If you can relate to this, let's change that right now.

There is no secret to having a badass business, that nourishes your soul, makes bank and creates the MF impact you truly want.

We need to focus on self-mastery, mindset, energy work and add a dose of soul-aligned strategies. 

Sabrina hall coaching

This is what you want:

A business you are madly in love with, where pleasure, fun, clients, cash, flows in abundance.

A business that just feels effing good, that is aligned to you, your values, needs and desires where you can #shinebrighaf, unapologetically.

How? Not by pushing, grinding, forcing and doing something that feels off.

And certainly not by following someone's magic strategy formula.

The business your soul craves is right here for you.

And can only be created through deep and authentic connection with yourself.

This is what I stand for.

Sabrina Hall Coaching

My signature framework is juicy AF
and will help us co-create out-of-this-world results in your business and life.


I am all for mindset but how can you have a mindset of steel when things feel cluttered? How can you raise your vibes when you feel scattered? Energy is everything and the best way to have a badass energy is by decluttering on all-levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. From your home, to your toxic relationships, habits, unhelpful patterns and poor boundaries. 


It's all about the energy my love.
Generating an abundance of fun, pleasure, nourishing experiences, inspiring conversations, self-love, self-care, soul-aligned thoughts, patterns and, feel-juicy AF habits.
We act upon our thoughts and emotions so I believe that raising your vibration is THE contributing factor for creating a business that attracts a flow of consistent clients, impact and cash.


You cannot create the biz and life of your dreams if you don't implement badass MF actions, am I right or what? I am talking about all kinds of implementations here. From that place of soul-alignment, and truth only, will you take powerful steps towards being visible AF, speaking your truth, sharing your message, creating authentic connections with your audience, and implementing "feel-good to you" strategies.

Sabrina Hall Coaching

What your soul wants is right here

All you need is someone who has been there. Someone who can see and hear you. 

Someone who can keep you accountable, who won't buy into the limiting BS you've been buying into, and take your hand through this journey.

This is who I will be for you. 



Chloe O, Director at Mokṣa 

I felt unexpectedly on cloud nine, I felt like I’d be freed of the overwhelming burden I felt that was holding me back and completely open to so many possibilities. I felt like what she’d done was unlock something that was stopping me from seeing the bigger picture...

Field of Flowers

Elizabeth Jaine, Artist

Sabrina held a really clear and focused space for me to move forward with my business. Sabrina works in a really intuitive way and allowed me to see the ways I was blocking real progress and success. It was fun, positive and a real game changer for me

Face Massage

AJ, Therapist

Sabrina really helped me clarify the direction I was going to take my business in. She not only helped me figure out the best way to do it but also gave me great technical advice on websites, advertising and social media. I feel a lot more confident about starting my business now.


Having a soulful business that creates an impact in your clients' lives doesn't mean you should't earn a freaking amazing amount of cash.

Or how will you create a bigger change in the world?

It's time we ditch the old way of doing business.


Here is what's waiting for you:

You are feeling completely bonkers about your biz, you are finally seeing your bank account going up and up,  and attracting clients after clients.

All done with flow and soul alignment, the feminine way.

No more miracle 5-step strategies or you'll just keep on losing your shit.


A tough lesson I learned myself.


So what you'll find in my coaching partnership is a tonne of self-mastery, mindset work, energy work, mindfulness practices and simple "tailor-made-to-you feel-amazing strategies".


But like I said before...There is no magic pill. 
You need to want to do "the work" and go all-in. That's it.
I am not talking about working longer or harder.
I am talking about working differently with the time that you have, and focussing your energy on the right things.
I am a big believer of quality, not quantity and this is how I choose to run by soulful business. 
And for this you need a massive dose of self-mastery, mindset and energy work.
You'll learn to be crystal clear on what to do, create time and space for yourself, whilst including fun and pleasure. 

If my clients and I can do it, so can you.


If this is what you are ready to get,
I am celebrating you big time

 √ Closing your laptop at lunchtime because why the heck not, going for a long lunch, having naps, taking an afternoon bubble bath with Booja-Booja (huh that's what I do!), and enjoying being with your family and not thinking about what you should be doing with your biz instead.

Being your most authentic AF self, owning your voice, speaking your truth unapologetically.

Feeling freaking confident, being visible and taking your space in the online world, shame-free. 

Attracting soul-aligned clients who truly understand the value of your work and just want to talk about how incredible you are to all their friends.

Creating the badass impact you crave to make in this world like making a huge difference in the education of children in small developing communities in Africa.

Seeing your bank account go up and up and up and up, being the money magnet you truly are, guilt-free.

Let's co-create this MF out of this world reality together.


"It's time you unleash and embody your inner badass CEO and
stop treating your business like an expensive hobby"


Here is a peek of what I will mentor you on during our VIP 6-month 1:1 coaching partnership:

  • Overcoming the BS you've been buying into that has been keeping you stuck

  • Mastering the power of reframing the kind of situations that would usually bring you down

  • Building a badass road map so you can be organised and crystal clear week in week out even when you go on breaks

  • Learning how to set boundaries for yourself and other people guilt-free so you can be focussed as a laser

  • Creating time and allowing to be supported on all levels. Feeling spacious.

  • Having a solid foundation so you can run your business with confidence and upscale effortlessly (organisation, structure, systems)

  • Having signature YOU products or services, unique to YOU, infused with your energy and aligned with your values

  • Enjoying your time off, having fun and having the balanced life you've been craving for

Why settle for ok when you can do extraordinary?

Why work with me?


Because my clients get crazy AF results with me, when they show up and do the work, and it goes way beyond the money, honey!

🔥 I trained at the renowned coaching school of Tony Robbins.

🔥 What I stand for, the big arse results I get and how I work is why I am the best partner, coach, biz bestie, woman you could hire (#nothumble).

🔥 Everything in my 1:1 is tailor made TO YOU.

🔥 I'm invested in YOU and your business.

🔥 I have a strong radar for B.S and totally ready to call you out and nudge you forward when you are procrastinating. 

🔥 I have an unlimited of optimism and belief is you.

🔥 I am a Queen at holding a sacred space (I am known for that).

🔥 I am completely obsessed and bonkers about helping you be madly in love with your business and life.

🔥 I've helped a tonne of incredible soul clients create long-lasting cellular transformation. 

🔥 I am f*cking good at helping my people share their most vulnerable parts which allows them to create true healing and quantum leaps in their business.  


VIP 6-month 1:1 coaching partnership

⚡️ 18 x 60 min Zoom calls during our 6-month together

⚡️ Regular accountability check-ins to keep you on track

​⚡️ Unlimited support Monday - Thursday via Voxer so you can ask your burning questions, and share your wins and progress

⚡️ Any needed worksheets to deepen your transformation

Your investment: £5,000 

Payment plan available. 

Sabrina Hall Coach

Buffy Bond, Moonstone Orbs Director and Founder of The Crystal Club

"I joined up to Sabrina's 1:1 6-month coaching programme. I had my first session just a couple of days ago. OH.MY.GOD. The mindset shift already! The alignment that's happening in my biz. The feeling of congruency. And the feeling of great joy! I couldn't be happier. I was scared and fearful the other day, because of the investment! And just a couple of days later, I know it was the best thing I could have done for myself."

Are you ready to go all-in?

Yes? Then book your FREE clarity call with me (and of the best 45 mins you'll evahhhhh spend) so we can talk about whether or not VIP 1:1 Coaching with me is what you need to make those big arse results in your business.