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Sabrina Hall Coaching
The Divine Creatrix Portal

6 Months of High-Level 1:1 Coaching

You are here because you REALLY mean business and wanna create big results and fast.

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Sabrina Hall Coaching

You're not here to mess about...You've got big dreams and you are ready to turn them into reality

​You're in the right place because I am so here for that. No dreams are too big or too crazy for me.
Yes, you want much more money but what you truly want is freedom.
Ultimately you want to enjoy your life to the max and not feel limited by time, money, energy or space. 
You want to be a present loving mum, have plenty of time with your children and create the best memories with them.
You want to be able to surprise your partner to a luxurious week-end and not be limited by where you can go and what you can do, you want to spend your time the way YOU want it, have naps, mid-afternoon bubble baths, meet a friend for coffee during the day, have a lazy morning in bed with a good book, take the whole of August off so you can do cool sh*t and go abroad with the fam, and contribute big time to your favourite cause...

Pssst: This is what I do every month ;-)

This is all available to you and I'm here to help you get it

I didn't quit my soul-sucking corporate job to be a slave to my business...

In my world, we create a business model that fits you, your dreams, values and desires.
You want to work 25 hour a week? I'm in!

You want to adopt the "work less, earn more" paradigm. Me too!

You want to feel madly in love with your life and business? Let's do this!

You want to work 25 hour a week? I'm in!

Sabrina Hall Coaching
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My work is for the Badass Hell-Yes  High-Achieving Hungry-For-So-Much-More Female Coach, Healer or Expert who is committed to grow a
SOLID, THRIVING, BADASS BUSINESS with Pleasure and Integrity.

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I am completely obsessed with your success

Sabrina Hall Coaching
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I have an unshakable self-belief and trust that we, as human, can truly achieve ANYTHING we want and I promise you that this energy will rub off on you real quick.

The freedom that I keep on creating in my life and business is what I live for.

The great news? I get to help my clients to exactly that.

My mission is to help heart-centred women be so happy, fulfilled and abundant that they impact the world in the most magical ways.

I want you to be madly in love with your business, to play big, earn big, impact big and for it to give you so much freedom that you create the most f*cking amazing life.

Life is too short, let's make it sweet AF

You're not everyone

You want a business that is based on who you are unapologetically.


A business that is authentic and with integrity at its core.


A business that feels effing good AND that is aligned to YOU, YOUR values, YOUR needs and YOUR desires.

You don't want any swipe files or cookie cutter strategies. 

You want tailor made strategies that are simple, minimalist and that work.

You want the high-level mindset and energy support to help you get out of your own way, bring the best out of you, keep you on crystal clear, on track, consistent, and focussed.

You want to work with someone who gets you, who won't tell you that you need "realistic goals" and who won't judge big arse dreams.

You want a coach that matches your energy and who is not scared to call you out on your BS (hmm hmm that's definitely me)

I help my clients be who they want to be in their business, get what they want, and create a business model that is infused with fun, freedom, pleasure and simplicity.

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Sabrina Hall Coaching

Picture this:

You are feeling completely bonkers about your biz, you are waking up in the morning feeling excited by your reality, you are laser lucid clear on how to operate in your biz to get the results you want, you are working with premium clients who adore your work and talk about you to all their friends...LIFE IS GOOD AF.


Your bank account is finally going up and breaking any plateau...


You are showing up online feeling MAGNETIC AF, your audience is obsessed with every word you say and WANT MORE OF YOU.  

You LOVE selling and fulfilling your soul's purpose. 

Hmmm so good.

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Sabrina Hall Coaching
Sabrina Hall Coaching
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You and I know there is no magic pill. 
You need to want to do "the work" and be WILLING TO GO ALL IN. 
I am not talking about working longer or harder.
I am talking about working differently, and focussing your energy on the right things.
I am a big believer of quality, not quantity and this is how I choose to run by soulful business. 
And for this you need a high-level support, me as your best cheerleader and the tools that I am using with my clients: self-mastery, mindset, energy work and deep support with creating the most efficient strategies.

If I can do it, so I can you

Sabrina Hall Coaching
Sabrina Hall Coaching
Sabrina Hall Coaching
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The D.A.I. Framework
will elevate YOU to create out-of-this-world results in your business (and life).


Using NLP and an abundance of coaching modalities, we will focus on decluttering what is stopping you from moving forward with badass conviction, attitude and confidence.
I will pinpoint at all the things that are draining your energy and help you ditch all the toxicities you've been carrying.

 May this be on a social, financial, mental, physical or emotional level.

From the limiting thoughts you're dragging in your mind to the toxic conversations you're having with yourself or others (and the shit you have on your desk).

Get ready to feel refreshed, lighter and activated from within.




We work on Activating your soul, body, mind and spirit by creating the new neural pathways that will allow you to implement the actions towards your goals in a much more sustainable and powerful way. 

You will develop strong strategies and have tools to master your emotions so you create consistency in the way you feel about yourself, your business and what you want to create. 

With my expertise, you'll be able to create new habits that are going to help you propel your business success in the most insane ways.

You'll also operate from a place of pleasure, love and fun, with a calm nervous system and grounded in your magnetic energy in a consistent way.


We will aim at implementing aligned steps to create, grow and scale your business the way YOU desire and need, with love and pleasure.

The Self-Mastery work and the Strategy work will help you take powerful actions
 towards building authentic connections with your audience, speaking your truth, getting your sales calls booked up effortlessly,
 being visible AF, creating a clear and magnetic message, birthing an irresistible offer and building a sales process you adore so you can create the results you want for your business.

Sabrina Hall Coaching

Chloe O, Director at Mokṣa 

I felt unexpectedly on cloud nine, I felt like I’d be freed of the overwhelming burden I felt that was holding me back and completely open to so many possibilities. I felt like what she’d done was unlock something that was stopping me from seeing the bigger picture...

Field of Flowers

Elizabeth Jaine, Artist

Sabrina held a really clear and focused space for me to move forward with my business. Sabrina works in a really intuitive way and allowed me to see the ways I was blocking real progress and success. It was fun, positive and a real game changer for me

Face Massage

AJ, Therapist

Sabrina really helped me clarify the direction I was going to take my business in. She not only helped me figure out the best way to do it but also gave me great technical advice on websites, advertising and social media. I feel a lot more confident about starting my business now.

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Yes, you can TRULY have it all:

A soulful thriving business where you work no more than 25 hours a week.

Feel free to do what you want to do, when you want to, be who you want to be and hang out with who you want.

Feel spacious, relaxed, happy, fulfilled, and excited by the life you have created (don't pinch yourself too hard)

Leave a powerful legacy to your children and next the generations.

Create a big impact on this planet, and contribute in much bigger ways.

Pay off your mortgage and have more than enough to cover all your bills and go on holiday when you want to.


There is nothing but our mind separating us from creating ALL THAT WE WANT.


If this is what you are committed to get,
I am celebrating you big time

 √ Closing your laptop at lunchtime because why the heck not?, going for a long lunch, having naps, taking an afternoon bubble bath with some Booja-Booja truffles (huh that's what I do!), and enjoying being with your family and not thinking about what you should be doing with your biz instead.

Being your most authentic AF self, owning your voice, speaking your truth unapologetically so that you can feel liberated,  finally earning the cash you deserve without over-pleasing or hiding any of the parts which are making who you are: potent, unique, delicious, attractive, creative, heart centred and a pure business badass.

Feeling freaking confident, being visible and taking your space in the online world, shame-free so that you can magnetise the Premium Soul Clients with ease and pleasure and who will love you for the badass that you are.

Attracting soul-aligned hell-yes clients to your inbox because they've either heard their friends singing your praises, telling them how fucking incredible and authentic you are, or because you're so damn confident in blowing your own trumpet on Social Media that they couldn't help but feel magnetised to you.

 Finally being able to donate more than £10 to your favourite cause and writing a big fat cheque towards a project that helps with the education of children in certain developing parts of the world.

 You, getting so clear AF about who you are, who you are truly serving, how to articulate the value of your Divine Work, and how to generate cash in your business IS finally helping you feel so much more ease and flow in you business.

Enter the portal and let's co-create this MF out of this world business.



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I am a qualified coach who have done some badass training at the renowned coaching school of Tony Robbins.

I've had real-life experiences,  real traumas, have been bathing in the personal development world for over 20 years and have built 2 successful businesses.

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I am extremely intuitive and find it really easy to package my clients's most potent gifts into an irresistible Premium Offer. 

I am a Queen at holding a sacred space which is allowing my clients to effortlessly open up and share their most vulnerable business/life beliefs and limitations.

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I am a Healer, a Spiritual Doula and a Voice Activator and I'm f*cking good at elevating my clients to play much bigger and unapologetically.

I deeply care about my people and utterly crazy and committed in helping them get the results they want. I literally won't give up.

I have the unshakable belief that I can help you create outrageous results in your business and helping you feel EXACTLY the same.

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I use potent modalities: Neuro-linguistic programming to weaken memories that are holding my clients back from thriving, ask the smartest and most potent coaching questions that create FREEING lightbulb moments, beliefs-shifting exercises to rewire the brain and create new neural pathways, deeply healing meditations and visualisations, strategies learned from my Tony Robbins coaching training, mindfulness practices and much more.

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My clients magically elevate when they are bathing in my vortex. My energy is highly contagious.

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I have a strong radar for the BS my clients are buying into, that are keeping them safe and stuck and, have no problem voicing these to them and getting them out of their stickiest patterns.

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The Divine Creatrix Portal


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