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The Fearless Leader

For Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Change Makers, Service Based Online Business

An 8-week group coaching immersion to burn yours limits, become the badass leader in your field people want and bathe in unshakable confidence so you generate 5K month consistently with greater ease.

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Let’s DISSOLVE the following:

😥 Wondering all day long about THE missing piece that will get you to create the BOOMING business and life you dream off.

😥 Being by yourself at your desk every day wishing you could talk to someone who GETS your entrepreneurial journey.

😥 Frustrating to not make it work like everybody else despite working so damn hard

😥 Getting annoyed that no many people are connecting with you and even taking you up the stuff you offer for free, despite the great content you are putting out there and showing up.

😥 The negative patterns, thoughts, low emotions that are slowing you down and stopping you from taking THE actual actions to move your business forward in a BIG way. 



Hey you wonderful woman, my name is Sabrina Hall and I am a no BS self-mastery and success coach, a healer, a voice activator and a spiritual doula and I've been coaching women all over the world for 4 years.

I know what it's like to work your own, glued to your computer, until 1am, knackered, desperately looking for the missing piece that will catapult your business forward.

My jam is to elevate ambitious and heart-centred women to the next level by helping them burn the toxic beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, negative patterns and regulating their emotions so they create bigger, better and more sustainable results.

I work at the core level and help them create new neural pathways, and perspective, and help them upgrade to a brand new blueprint fit and aligned for the vision they desire.

Being an entrepreneur is not f*cking easy, especially on your own. I’ve been there…Wanting to give up so many times and wondering what the hell I was doing wrong or what I was missing that everyone else seems to get to create THE CONSISTENT RESULTS I was craving.

A very good reason why you’d want to join a group coaching immersion.

THE FEARLESS LEADER is an intensive 8-week mastermind and will offer you:

  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Call (Thursdays at 4.30pm)

  • Bi-weekly NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming (Thursdays at 4.30pm)

  • Weekly meditation

  • Weekly Video Assignment 

  • Monday Voxer 1:1 support

  • Facebook Group

  • A community of ambitious heart-centred women

If you want to burn the past stories that are limiting you, and have a solid mindset so you feel unstoppable to create consistent 2-5K every month, then this is where you need to start.



(instead of £1,500)

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£200 per month

(instead of £550)

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