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A lot of us find it really difficult to bring self-love to ourselves. We might feel arrogant, selfish, guilty, ashamed, not worth it or like we don't deserve it. When self-love is lacking, we might find that we cannot live life to our true and full potential, our business may suffer or those around us may be affected. 


I spent years disliking and even hating myself at times. I bullied myself, made myself small, talked negatively about myself to other people and other crazy things like that...So many times I cried and felt like I didn't want to be "me". I wanted to be that other person. 


I worked on myself lots and little by little I took actions towards changing. I learned a lot and feel like I am a different person now!! I am alive and feel so empowered to do anything I dream about. What I overcame and learned via my personal and coaching experience has inspired me to create this free and delicious self-love ceremony.

This yummy ceremony is aimed at igniting the self-love you need to have for yourself so you can live life with more joy and lightness in your heart.

Sabrina x

What's included:

    Workshop Live Video (75 mins approx and Via Zoom).

    Strategies to bring and keep the divine self-love, self-worth, self-confidence to your life.

    1 ceremonial guided meditation led by me to ignite your self-love power.



Friday 7th August at 8 PM (UK Time)

Who is it for?: men and women



Bring: A pen and paper