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​"Sabrina is very skilled in massage therapy, each session is totally tailored to address my specific areas of concern. I love the whole experience, the room is really warm and cosy, the massage is brilliant, I highly recommend it ​"

Kate Randall

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"My massage with Sabrina was the perfect way to unwind and step back from daily life. She made me feel immediately at ease and well cared for, and the massage helped to release tension I’ve been carrying around for who knows how long! I only wish I could go back every single week - it definitely won’t be long before I book another appointment. I can definitely recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for a therapeutic massage.​"

Grace Cole

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"A very relaxing and serene space for a massage. A wonderful massage - my body felt well worked but also very relaxed. Sabrina gives intuitive massages that ease the body and release areas of tension. I always come away with an overall feeling of well being and lightness in the body. I've already recommended Sabrina to friends and family​"

Niki Wilson

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"​I’m deeply grateful for my recent pregnancy massage with Sabrina. She’s a very caring spirit and her home was warm and welcoming. 
Her touch was something of gentle pressure with soothing balm and I felt myself in an utterly relaxed hypnosis, half asleep whilst also very aware of the easing and release across my entire body. I didn’t want it to end. 
Thank you very much Sabrina."

Jaz Gayle

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"​Sabrina provides a friendly welcome into her space. It is a clean, calming environment that's ideal for you to unwind and let go. Her professionalism is paired with her relaxed aura perfectly."

Nicola Jane

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"​I recently had a massage with Sabrina.. 
She was so kind and caring towards me and made me feel at ease... 
I have to say, it was one of the most amazing & relaxing massages I’ve ever had...
My neck and shoulders were much improved after.
I will definitely be going back to see her again and would recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for massage.. 
Thank you 😊

Charlotte Higman

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"​Sabrina has a lovely presence and her massage was gorgeous! Just an hour and a half of bliss and she was very attentive to all the knots and tensions in my body. Would definitely recommend Sabrina to anyone needing to take time out of their lives and de-stress."

Kirsten MOnks

2019, Totnes, Devon

​"​Sabrina is professional but also puts you at ease, she works in a lovely therapy space, her techniques are excellent, she clearly knows the body very well, highly recommended"

Nicola Edgecombe

2019, Totnes, Devon

"I have been having neck issues and was recommended to have therapeutic massages. Having never had a massage from a therapist I didn't really where to begin looking. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect, but Sabrina put me totally at ease. I have been back several times now and my treatment has adapted to my needs. Sabrina also pointed out my need for overall relaxation. It has made such a difference. Sabrina has gone the extra mile sending links to videos and recommended reading for further self-help. She has also enquired about how I am getting on in between appointments. I would not hesitate to recommend Sabrina. Very helpful and professional."

Graham Craw

2019, Totnes, Devon

"Sabrina is wonderful 🤗 Her massages help no end, looking forward to booking another!"

Lucy-Anne Nesbitt

2018, Totnes, Devon

" I thoroughly enjoyed my deep tissue massage with Sabrina. She is a highly professional and skilled therapist. Her kindness and compassion makes you feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. She helped me a lot with muscle tension and aches I had in my upper back and legs and I felt deeply relaxed afterwards. I highly recommend her treatments!"

Helena Akashi (Lomi Lomi massage therapist)

2018, Totnes, Devon

" I had a fantastic pregnancy massage experience with Sabrina this week at 37 weeks pregnant. I was gifted the experience from a colleague and wish I had had it sooner so that I could have treated myself to a few more throughout my pregnancy. It was absolutely fantastic! It just gave me a moment in time to really take a moment and realise I am growing a human and she will be here soon! Thank you so much Sabrina! x"

H. Parkes

2018, Totnes, Devon

" Sabrina was really welcoming and helpful. Looking, firstly, to make sure we were comfortable, which we were. I managed to learn some simple but effective techniques that I will use with my wife (28 weeks pregnant) up until and during labour. My wife agreed that the techniques taught were very effective. On top of that Sabrina was keen to provide snacks and refreshments that were suitable for our diet (my wife is intolerant to dairy so providing oat milk was a lovely personal touch). Thanks again!"

C. Atkinson

2018, Totnes, Devon

" My husband bought me a pregnancy workshop for him and I with Sabrina and it was great to learn different relaxation techniques and massage techniques for pregnancy and Labour. Looking forward to putting them into practice ! Thanks Sabrina"

E. Atkinson

2018, Totnes, Devon

" I have received a massage from Sabrina on several occasions and they have all been brilliant! The atmosphere in the room is always very calming and she manages to provide a deep massage whilst keeping it relaxing at the same time. To top it off, she's a lovely person, and always makes you feel very comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a relaxing but effective massage."

H. Shillito

2018, Totnes, Devon

"Had a massage today from Sabrina and it was amazing, she concentrated on my back and shoulders which is were I suffer mostly being a nurse. It was a strong deep massage and it felt amazing so thank you Sabrina I will definitely be returning for more massages in the future !"

N. Louise

2018, Totnes, Devon

"My family and I had Sabrina come to the holiday home we were renting and give massages to 6 of us. Everyone was extremely happy with her attention to detail, quality of the massage and the overall experience. No hesitation in recommending her to others."

B. Cijffers

2018, Cambridge

" I have enjoyed massage before. and always found it beneficial. But this was a massage of a completely different order. I suspected that deep tissue massage would reach muscles that are not normally treated, and it proved to be amazing. Sabrina is a super practitioner, and she knows how to find the trouble spots. I could certainly feel the effects the day after, but two days on and I can really get the benefits. I can fully recommend this treatment, and Sabrina, too. Lovely lady."

B. Mascall

2018, Totnes, Devon

"Never having had a pregnancy massage before I wasn't really sure what to expect. On arrival Sabrina asked and listened to my needs and I felt I was in safe hands before the massage had even started. Sabrina then gave the most wonderfully relaxing and soothing massage I could have wished for. I'm already planning when I can book the next one in! Would definitely recommend. Thank you!"


2018, Torquay, Devon

"I would recommend her to anyone after a proper massage!!"

Louis Miles

2017, Chichester, West Sussex, UK

"I saw Sabrina for the first time today. It felt like we had already met, she was so warm and approachable, I felt immediately at ease. The massage was lovely, very relaxing, and now feel so much better in my body. I felt really held with a good pressure and gentle touch. I would definitely recommend her to friends. Thank you!"


2017, Totnes, Devon

"Sabrina is a very talented massage therapist, and so in tune with working with what the body needs. As a massage therapist myself, it would be fair to say I'm a pretty picky customer but I was so impressed with the work Sabrina did and would absolutely recommend her! Really thorough deep tissue work and just what I needed - thank you :) "

Rachel Mary - Massage Therapist

2017, Broadhempston, Devon

"New to Totnes, I took advantage of Sabrina's introductory offer and treated myself to 90mins. From the moment I met Sabrina, I felt in safe hands. Whilst I was aware of my physical tension before the treatment, It wasn't until we began that I realised just how much emotional tension I had also been holding. It is hard to describe, but somehow the combination of gentle pace, perfect intuitive pressure, and the healing space that Sabrina held for me, allowed me to enter such a peaceful state that restored a connection to a part of me that I had been neglecting (and missing). I truly, truly cannot thank you enough Sabrina."

Morven Sutherland

2017, Staverton, Devon

" Sabrina is very skilled and thorough, and I can recommend her for treating both mind and body. I particularly enjoyed the neck and back of head treatment."

Robin Sinclair Johnston

2017, Totnes, Devon

" I started going to see Sabrina when I was 7 weeks pregnant and feeling really sick all the time and without my usual energy. Being a full time working mum of one already it was so lovely just to have an hour to myself to completely relax. I'm now 12 weeks and together with a eating well, drinking lots of water and seeing Sabrina regularly I am feeling back to my old self again. I really look forward to my sessions with Sabrina, she is a warm and friendly therapist whom I feel completely as ease with, roll on my next massage "

Stacy Wicks

2017, Totnes, Devon

" As I am world-class at accumulating tension in my neck and shoulders, I need the help of a world-class massage therapist from time to time. I am indeed fortunate that Sabrina has her practice not far from where I live, and is able to restore a sense of balance to body and soul. She's a really good therapist, with strength and sensitivity. Highly recommended."

Graham Mosey

2017, Totnes, Devon

" I had a great experience with Sabrina. She was quietly attentive and full of knowledge and I felt like she really knew how to work the areas of my body that need attention. I struggle with my psoas muscle on my left side and she made a real difference. I would recommended her to anyone. Best massage I have had in quite a while. Thanks Sabrina! "

Sara Quiggin

2017, Totnes, Devon

"  Welcoming surroundings, sympathetic and gentle approach, beautiful music and sounds - excellent sessions overall. I've been treated by Sabrina during my early post-pregnancy period and it's been a real treat - I thoroughly recommend her."

Nora Lecumberri

2017, Totnes, Devon

" It was wonderful! I would recommend everybody to go to Sabrina.She was welcoming and attentive right from the beginning. Her hands seemed to know exactly where my body needed work and how much pressure to give. I discovered muscles I knew nothing about - and how tight they were! Sabrina gave advice about stretches, books to read and how to help myself. She is a lovely person and a brilliant therapist. "

Sandra Law

2017, Totnes, Devon

" I was recommended to see Sabrina because of a pain in my right arm and hand - caused by too much repetitive keyboard use and mouse clicking - which had gradually gotten worse.

After two appointments the whole area felt more relaxed, the pain was gone and my movements were freer and more fluid again. Sabrina also identified and treated other areas of muscle tension. I have signed up for regular massages with her as I can see an overall improvement in how I feel in my body. Sabrina followed up her treatments by emailing me suggested stretches and exercises which I have found very helpful.

Sabrina is a lovely person who made me feel at ease from the very start."

Gabriela Lana, Greenfibres

2017, Totnes, Devon

" Sabrina is lovely and makes every effort to make you as comfortable as possible - very important when you are 37 weeks pregnant! I love getting massages but like to tune into the sensations rather than chat, Sabrina was very intuitive and didn't try to talk throughout the massage. The massage itself was lovely too, there were a mixture of techniques which all felt delicious, and Sabrina let me know at the beginning to tell her if I wanted more or less pressure, it turned out to be just right anyway. Sabrina also emailed me a consultation form so that I had the full hour of actual massage. I left feeling totally floaty and blissed out! I would definitely recommend this to a friend - and have done to all my pregnant friends! Thanks Sabrina "

Josie Bannon

2017, Totnes, Devon

" Sabrina is a fantastic massage therapist. I've seen her twice for a deep tissue massage for ongoing tension in my back, she's highly knowledgable and has been able to give me additional exercises and reading to do at home to understand more about my body. She is professional, friendly and I'm thrilled I've found someone in Devon who I can see regularly and trust to help me. After 12 months of ongoing sports injuries and seeing lots of different people, finding a therapist I really trust is such a relief."

Charlotte Horton

2017, Totnes, Devon

"  I went to Sabrina for a massage for relaxation, and because I needed some pampering. I loved it! Sabrina is so lovely and puts you at your ease, the massage was wonderful, nurturing, very relaxing and absolute bliss. The only downside was that it ended!!
Such a treat, highly recommended!

Ali Black

2017, Totnes, Devon

"  My wife had a 90 min treatment as a birthday present and had a really wonderful experience. Sabrina is really organised and provided lots of information in advance so that no treatment time is lost. She is obviously very qualified and experienced and varied her treatment to meet Jane's needs. The environment in Sabrina's home treatment room was warm and relaxing. The whole experience was incredibly therapeutic and Jane has been light as a cloud ever since. Could not recommend Sabrina highly enough :)) "

Neil Whitchurch

2017, Totnes, Devon

"  I went for a massage to relieve a tense and sore shoulder. At the first appointment I appreciated the warm and professional welcome. I felt listened to , and had good feedback from the diagnostic stage. Once moving onto treatment I felt like I was in a collaborative relationship with Sabrina tuning into what was working for me as well as telling me how she thought it was going. The session was light, funny at times and thorough. I had a really good first experience which deepened on my second session. "

David Addy

2016, Totnes, Devon

"  Sabrina is fantastic at pregnancy and post pregnancy massage, she provides a very welcoming and calm atmosphere and I would definitely recommend her. "

Alex McCrae

2016, Totnes, Devon

"  Sabrina is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered - and I had the pleasure to have regular treatments over the past two years. She takes her time to find out what is needed for you, applies the right pressure and has always given me excellent massages and post massage advice.

I cannot recommend her enough and am genuinely gutted she has left London (and my back in particular is missing her greatly). It also helps that she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. So get booking and enjoy (you lucky West Country people)!​ "

Jeanette Eriksson

2016, London

"  Sabrina is a wonderful person and a massage genius! She is highly skilled and dedicated to her craft, which combined with her warm and caring personality makes her treatment sessions a fantastic, restorative experience. "

Nell Greenhill

2015, London

"  Had a great massage on Monday and now my dodgy back feels great! I'll definitely be rebooking. Thanks Sabrina Hall "

John Tumbridge

2015, London

"  Just a quick note to thank Sabrina Hall for an amazing massage last night. I've had many many massages over the years, some for relaxation and some for my back issues, this was up there with the best! Sabrina's knowledge and technique feels like that of a very experienced masseuse rather than someone at the beginning of her career. I'm already booked in for my next session! "

Martin Dobson

2015, London

"  Thank you Sabrina for the amazing massages! It's done my back wonders! Will be back for more "

Janet Palmer

2015, Australia

"  Amazing work done on me so far, both physically, and energetically. Looking forward to more! Thank you!!! "

Chris Hall

2014, London

"  Sabrina - thank you for the most wonderful massage, which left me feeling both relaxed and uplifted. Quite simply one of the best massages I have ever had, not just due to your brilliant technique, but your lovely, caring, calm manner. I am very glad to have discovered you! "

Suzanne B

2014, London

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