The programmes I am offering are meticulously designed to your needs and desires. What you are getting is not just information but transformation on a cellular level. 


I aim to upgrade your whole perspective on what you think is possible and not possible, and the belief system you are operating from.


What I want is for you to feel crystal clear on what your next step is, unstoppable, have an unshakable self-belief, lead your life and business from a place of certainty, confidence and calm, and reach your full potential with balance and pleasure. Something you need to know about me: I am completely obsessed with seeing you succeed and helping you get everything you desire.


Because you are special, I want to treat you as such. To me, you are VIP. So I aim to provide you with a first-class coaching experience. Together, we will do whatever it takes for you to get exactly what you want.


My 1:1 spaces are very limited because I want to ensure that I am fully focussed on providing the very best coaching for you. 


On top of your sessions, you will also have unlimited access to me for the whole duration of the programme, meaning that you will be able to reach out to me 24/7. 




The cost for the VIP programmes ranges from £1,600 to £7,000 or more depending on the duration of the programme.

A single coaching session and a week worth of support via Voxer can be offered at £250 on a case by case basis. Do email to apply.

After coaching many people, I've witnessed the most transformation in clients who have worked with me over a period of months to help them fully integrate sustainable changes. It all depends on the amount of transformation and support you want.

Your next step is for you to book a one-hour complimentary coaching session with me (100% confidential).


The goal of this session is so:

A- I can fully understand what you want to achieve


B - We can find out if we are the right fit for each other


C - I can answer your questions


Click here to find a convenient spot.

If you have any questions, please email


Sabrina Hall Life Coaching