I am revealing all my secrets....

All the ingredients I use to help my incredible ready-to-do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-there clients.

When you read this you will be able to pick some golden nuggets here and there. Focus on those, include them in your life so you can feel f*cking good, create a reality that is truly exciting, enriching and, feel ALIVE.

I don’t consider myself as a self-love coach as such but really at the core of my work, the focus is on self-love.

Let me tell you why.

Because you might be wondering “what has self-love got to do with being excited by life and feeling ALIVE on a consistent basis?”

Years ago during my self-hate relationship, I was rejecting making any attempt to love myself and believed that I could by-pass doing any deep self-love work to create the life I wanted.

Thinking that if I could just do the stuff that would make it seem like my life was exciting, then perhaps I would start loving my life…Oh boy was I wrong…I spent years trying the stuff that “happy, fulfilled” people do, hoping I’d fall in love with my reality.

I realised after a while that this was, of course, an illusion. I had to do the inner work, I had to look inwards, heal the relationship I had with myself, make peace with who I was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and with that, comes learning about self-love and how crucial that aspect of my life was.

When you love yourself, appreciate all of you, your body, mind and soul, you will find it so much easier to believe in yourself, have confidence in your self-worth and create a reality that fulfils your needs and desires as a woman, so you can be turned on by it and feel ALIVE, unapologetically.

Something I never believed could happen for me…But hey, here I am, loving myself so freaking much, being Daring AF and claiming an exciting reality.

AND…Teaching women to do exactly that. If someone would have told me back in the days that this is the work I will do one day, I would have laughed at them and tell them to f*ck off (nicely).

From that place of self-love, you’ll know that you are priceless, will want to claim your space in this world, share your message, have a deeper sense of who you are, own your voice, have fun and pleasure without the shitty guilt, be daring as f*ck, you will be excited to take those bold life-changing actions, feel empowered to transform your life on a much deeper level, stand up for who you truly are and have total clarity about what your values are.

And when you are on that beautiful high-vibe loving vortex, living what you are truly capable of, maybe even surprising yourself because you’re doing the stuff you've never imagined doing before, you’ll gain EVEN MORE trust in yourself, love, courage and empowerment.

Meaning, you’ll be transformed at a such deeper level, that you’ll be surfing that wave of feeling alive on a consistent basis. And if you happen to fall, you’d be able to come back up much quicker.

THIS, is how I transform my clients’ lives.

Now, you might be wondering about my process to get people to that point, so let me tell you EXACTLY how I do that with a few bullet points. And FEEL FREE to use some of what you can take from the process below for your own transformation.

👉 I ask powerful and intuitive questions that provoke deeper thoughts and encourage you to look inward.

👉 I know how to create a safe and sacred space so you can feel comfortable opening up and sharing/discovering your deepest truths.