A self-love incantation

Updated: Jan 18

Oh my god limitless women!!! My heart is racing…My vibration is high….I was meditating and suddenly felt a HUGE URGE to stop and write write write…I got a download of gorgeous and juicy affirmations. Thank you thank you thank you

And I am sharing these with you now, gorgeous women.

What a great way to start your day hey. Your day is going to be incredible. Feel the ripple effect of this powerful incantation (make sure you repeat this set of affirmations 3 times)

Magick Magick Magick

Please please please, take only 5 mins to repeat (out loud if you can) these affirmations (3 times), feel each word, add your powerful fire behind each word. feed each cell of your body with the magic power this incantation.

Do share below how this made you feel, I would love to know.


  • My past doesn’t define who I am today

  • The insecurities I feel don’t define who I am

  • The fear I feel don’t define who I am

  • The guilt don’t define who I am

  • The shame don’t define who I am

  • I choose who I am today

  • And today, I choose to release all that is not needed, all that is limiting me from being truly who I am and, doing what I truly want to do

  • I choose to not dim my light to make others feel safe

  • I choose to ignore the opinions of others who are talking from their own limiting beliefs

  • I choose to ignore my ego’s voice that is trying to keep me safe and away from my vision

  • I choose to share my message unapologetic

  • I choose to take my place in this world

  • I choose to stand up for what I believe

  • I choose to Shine Bright AF

  • I choose to play fucking big

  • I am confident in my power

  • I know my worth for I, am priceless

  • I am a fucking incredible woman, oh yes I am

  • I am fucking gorgeous

  • I am smart, clever, bold, oh yes I am

  • I am powerful AF

  • I am light

  • I am as fierce as a warrior

  • I am potent and strong, yes yes yes

  • My voice matter, yes it does

  • I trust myself

  • I trust my actions

  • I am at one with my heart

  • I am safe

  • And I choose to believe any beliefs that are making me feel fucking juicy, empowered, turned on, excited, calm, grounded, alive and limitless

  • Thank you thank you thank you and, SO BE IT


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