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How to reach your next £5K 

Without working long painful hours?

Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th at 2pm GMT and Wednesday 20th July at 6pm GMT

Sabrina Hall Coaching


Reaching your next £5K doesn't require just strategies.

I can totally give you one for free if that's what you want.

The strategy part is the easiest part. But how you are doing it is what makes the REAL difference.

There are a few simple ingredients to reaching your next £5K, but what you really need first is total clarity, so you know EXACTLY what you need to do to attract your soul clients (TO YOU) whilst bringing more freedom and fun to your life.


Makes sense right?

Sabrina Hall Coaching

I see so many entrepreneurs are still throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (I used to be one of them!) and don't have a clear understanding of what they exactly need to do to reach the £5K month mark.


In this 3-day coaching training you will learn exactly:


>> How to get crystal clear (the thing so many entrepreneurs resist) to attract the soul clients you desire WITHOUT the long hours, the grey hair and the rollercoaster of emotions where the lows are completely throwing you off track.

>> How to stop wasting your energy trying to do all the things on your never ending to-do list so you can be laser focus on the tasks that REALLY need your attention (No, I am not talking about creating a website)

>> How to run your business the minimalist way (Feel that breeze. Feels fucking good, right?)

>> How to cultivate Self-Mastery in your business so that you feel confident AF in yourself, and in what you are doing in your business.

I choose  Simplicity.

I used to believe all kinds of BS  as to why I couldn't reach my next financial milestone:



--> I thought I needed to sacrifice everything in my life to get to my next financial goal.

--> I thought my strategy was not working so I kept on jumping to the next one, then the next one, etc...

--> I thought that people didn't care or didn't like me enough.

--> I thought that maybe I was too expensive (*sigh).

--> I thought I had to be on Social Media all the effing time.

Sabrina Hall Coaching
Sabrina Hall Coaching
Well, I want to demystify what you think needs to happen to create a successful business and, simplify things big time for you, SO YOU can feel the ease in your soul and BE CRYSTAL CLEAR on what your next step is to attract the soul clients who will lead you to reach your next £5K month.

I will be a running a completely FREE coaching training on:

Monday 18th July at 2pm GMT
Tuesday 19th July at 2pm GMT
Wednesday 20th July at 6pm GMT

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I will also be sharing:


  • How to declutter what is stopping you from being WHO. YOU. ARE unapologetically, so you can start attracting the soul clients you truly want for your business.

  • Getting into the process of decluttering what is stopping you from being crystal clear on your messaging whether this is through your lives or posts, so you don't send mix messages to your ideal clients (Remember confused clients don't buy)

  • How to tap into your most FEARLESS AF self, so you can be confident showing up as you are online and, sell the impact you truly want in this world.

  • The difference between FULL SOUL BADASS DECISIONS and staying in the "waiting/hoping game" SO YOU can create these tangible results right now in your business, and see clients drooling over your offers/products.


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1ST PRIZE: 1 hour PRIVATE coaching session with me to get a CLEAR ROAD MAP for your business

2ND PRIZE: 30 min PRVATE Clarity Business Call to know exactly what your next step is in your business

3RD PRIZE: A Covent Garden SPA Sanctuary goodie bag worth £30

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