Leading high-achieving women step into their next level of personal/professional success, whilst having balance, connection and pleasure.



I am Sabrina. 

A Female Empowerment Coach and Healer.

I help high-achieving, ready-to-do-whatever-it-takes women to move past their limits and have an unshakable belief about how f*cking powerful they truly are and, how achievable their vision is.

My expertise allows my clients to become crystal clear about who they wanna be, what they wanna have and do and, how to get there.

And they are fired up in reaching their next level of personal/professional success, whilst having balance, connection and pleasure. 

I am so freaking happy you've landed here. I’ve always believed that there is a reason to why two people cross paths.


The Universe connected us and something tells me, we have lots in common...And who knows, we might also be a match made in heaven to co-create miracles in your life and/or business.

Pssst...Something you should know before you click the button below...
I am utterly addicted to helping you succeed and be truly happy.


If you feel that the the limiting beliefs are negatively impacting the way you are currently leading your life, know that you are not alone.

You find that some of the self-doubt you are experiencing is stopping you from living to your fullest potential. 

Perhaps you are not embodying your most limitless self, because you are worried about making people feel uncomfortable, scared about being judged, being criticised or, not liked. Did you know that not being your true self can really take its toll on your mental, emotional and physical health?


And, if like me, you are a high-achieving woman and want to live to your fullest potential and create your next big vision, I know it can feel f*cking frustrating to be held back by fear, doubts, guilt, worries or, shame.

I hear you...

You are an ambitious woman, you have exciting dreams, wanna play big, but your doubts are stopping you from taking big life changing MF actions.

You want to feel, do, be and have more but a part of you is feeling guilty or ashamed for desiring more.

You want to create a reality that turns you the eff on but, you find it difficult to keep the momentum going and be accountable.

You know something really needs to shift but you're unclear about where and how to start this journey, and now have realised, you cannot do this alone.


You really want to create a change in your life but you can find yourself procrastinating, self-sabotaging, lacking clarity, or asking for validation.

Let me tell you how I work 


why you want to hire me as your Coach and Healer.



I believe that when we, incredible conscious women choose to Shine Bright AF, we have the power to make an immense impact in the world on so many levels.

"When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious"

- Marianne Williamson 

I f*cking love empowering women to:

  • Stand up for what they believe

  • Raise their standards

  • Speak their truth and voice their opinion, with pride

  • Desire more, unapologetically

  • Be fierce and claim their space in this world

  • Share their message with passion

  • Speak with clarity, confidence and poise

  • Feel sexy and embody their sexuality without shame

  • Feel complete freedom to express themselves, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

  • Feel limitless, unstoppable and ALIVE

  • Create their next level of personal/professional success with balance, connection and pleasure.

"My business has gone from strength to strength and I've had my best month ever this last one!! I can't believe it! I am well on my way to my target and feeling so great and full of positivity, ambition and motivation!"

Sabrina-41 (1).jpg

Wanna overcome the blocks that are stopping you from reaching your next vision or level of personal/professional success?


This is exactly what I can support you with. 

And I can help you do all of that with balance, connection and pleasure.


I truly believe in my bones that you can achieve everything you want if you commit to what is it that you want.

Whether this is more wealth, more confidence, more clients, buying a house, finding the partner of your life, starting a new business/career and, having the dream lifestyle.



"I can't believe how positive I am feeling, it's having a profound effect on all aspects of my life. Thank you so much for enabling this revelation."      



Sabrina-134 (1).jpg

I know that...

you are limitless

This meditation will make you
feel like a

BEWARE you could also feel like you want to:

  • Shake things up in your life

  • Take on the whole world

  • Take massive bold and exciting actions


"Dear Sabrina

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meditation gift you created. 

It is so powerful. I listen to it after my daily yoga every day. I either open the window or go outside to listen to it so I really feel the wind caressing my face. I wanted to share with you that I`m just editing the photos of my photoshoot from Monday and burst into tears as I really feel limitless. I really feel that finally, I have found THE profession, and I will be really successful in it. For so long I felt that I have so much more inside me but I strongly believe that now finally I am on the right path." 

                                   - Vanda Szabo, Personal Branding Photographer 


"This has by far been the best investment in myself that I've ever made. So glad I am here and taking part in this transformational process into becoming a limitless woman" 

- Katie, Mum of 2 and Student, Wales