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About Me

My Philosophy


What I do is simple. Simple but effective.


You will be welcomed with a big smile and a warm heart, offered some water (or sometimes a herbal tea) and we'll have a little chat about you so we can decide on the treatment that will work best for you. An email confirmation will be sent to you with all the needed information and with links to different consultation form. You will need to complete the relevant one before your treatment. This will help me have a better understanding of your needs and to offer you as much "hands-on massage" as possible...


For me, a massage is not "just a massage". It's something that can heal you not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. It can be a time for reflection, meditation, connection with the body, realisation... A time to bring care and love to yourself.


Unfortunately, in our current society, a lot of people might think they've not "got the time" to do this. But, this is one more reason to really make that space for yourself.


When you have found YOUR therapist, it's even better. They know you, you know them. They know your body, the treatment gets better and better, and therefore, more and more effective.


I am offering bodywork at Neal's Yard, in the centre of Totnes and from my home, in Follaton.


I hope to see you again soon and to become your healing therapist. 


I wish your life to be full of beauty, health, and happiness.


Lots of love


Sabrina xxx

Hi!  I'm Sabrina.


I left France in 2000 to live in London for only a few months, but I fell in love with the city and its people, and stayed there for 15 years.

After the birth of my son in 2015, my husband and I were ready for a new adventure. Totnes really appealed to us straight away, and so in 2016 we moved to magical Devon.


For a long time, I was searching for what I wanted to do. I discovered that the answer was just here, right under my nose!


How did I not see it before? I could not see what I loved the most: People! 


I really love what I do. I am passionate and excited to meet new people, and love seeing my clients on a regular basis. Most of all, I care about what I do, and what I can bring into people's lives.




Totnes, Devon, UK
Serving Clients Worldwide


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